Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas is On the Grid in Second Life! Updates!

Okay, there are so many things coming up that my avi head is spinning! First, today is the runway show and raffle for the Winter Gala for Sarcoidosis awareness. Sadly I won't be there, but my gown will! This is a fund raiser for Sarcoidosis, a little understood disease. Please show support for this cause!

SLURL Sarcoidosis (SAR-COY-DOE-SIS)!!!

The runway show is at 2:00 PM. I hope you can make this event.

Next, Peace on Earth Hunt is starting...

This Gown will be available for the POE Hunt! Don't miss this gown!

And also the Broken Resolutions Hunt!

The "Seen" gown will be in the hunt box for Broken Resolutions! This was made for the runway show, One and a Million (for me to wear to the event)! The silver and green are perfect for the holidays!

Finally, the Christmas Expo 2011 is coming on Dec 3rd! Don't miss this event!

Be sure to come by my store to get the info on these hunts! I hope I haven't forgotten anything! 

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